United States enters World War II (December 7th); Safety of milk cartons confirmed; M&M plain chocolate candies introduced; Office of Price Administration Civilian Supply (OPA) established; Penicillin developed; Grand Coulee Dam completed; Colorado Aqueduct completed.


Ideal weights for Americans published by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company; Organic gardening and farming movement founded by Jerome Rodale; Widespread planting of Victory Gardens in American backyards; Gasoline rationing implemented; 1942 Sugar and coffee rationed; First jet airplane tested; First sustained nuclear reaction demonstrated (Chicago, Illinois).


Sale of sliced bread banned in the United States by Secretary of Agriculture (since sliced bread becomes stale quickly, greater consumer demand for wheat was expected and wheat was needed to feed American soldiers); First American Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) published; Cheese, fat, fish, flour, meat, and canned foods rationed; U.S. soldiers in Europe use chocolate bars as medium of exchange; Commercial production of penicillin; Shoe rationing implemented.

Did You Know?

NoblemenPotatoes were only eaten boiled during the early 18th century in North America since they were thought to be toxic? Cooks assumed that boiling removed the toxins. [8: 8].

During the late 19th and early 19th centuries, many Americans put hot baked potatoes in their pockets during winter to help keep their hands warm? [8: 9]

Workmen at DinnerFrenching is a culinary term used to describe cutting foods into narrow strips or rounds? In this sense, frenching is not associated with the country of France, and therefore, need not be capitalized when written? The term french-fried potatoes dates only to 1894; the term french fries probably dates to the 1920s. [8: 10]

Potato Picking MachineMeat was rationed in the United States during World War II? During the last days of meat rationing in 1945-1946, the term Trumanburger was coined. This dish, named after President Harry Truman, consisted of a patty of mashed baked beans! [8: 12]

Potatoes have played a prominent role in the diets of soldiers and civilians during World Wars of the 20th century? One humorous World War I ditty went like this.....

Eat potatoes with their starch.....
Help the fighters on their march.....

Each baked potato that you eat.....
Will help to fill the ships with wheat.....
[8: 11]

Girl Potato PickerDuring World War II Americans were cautioned not to hoard food? One document that circulated widely cautioned that laying in an extra store of food would cause great harm, and was an "unforgivable crime." Hoarding was so despicable that it was thought the shame would live on for generations. [8: 14]

Potatoes are high in vitamin C? Early Spanish sailors noticed that shipmates who ate potatoes did not suffer from scurvy. [8: 15]

The AutomatK-rations, the "notorious" foods eaten by millions of American G.I.s during World War II, were named after Ansel Keys? Professor Keys was a nutrition scientist who contributed the research that led to production of this military ration. K-rations were the first American military rations created as breakfast, lunch, and dinner packages. [8: 13]


Yeast-raised commercial bakery products fortified with iron and B vitamins; U.S. candy consumption reaches 20 pounds per capita; D-Day (Normandy invasion, June 6th); Meat rationing ended (except for steak)


Kitchen storage containers developed by Earl W. Tupper; Chemical 2,4-D patented as a weed killer for general agricultural use; Frozen orange juice process developed; United Nations Charter ratified by United States Senate; World War II ends in Europe (May 8th); First atomic bomb detonated near Alamogordo, New Mexico (July 16th); World War II ends in the Pacific (August 14th); Gasoline, fuel oil, and tire rationing end; Food rationing in America ends (except for sugar).
Win the War Cook Book

The C ration (C for combat) was the first individually packaged meal produced for the American soldier. Another name for the C ration was the LLRP (long-life-ration-packet). An individual C ration consisted of six B [Bread] and M [Meat] units: [8: 2]

B Units M Units
  Confection Sugar
  Coffee product
  Lemon powder (synthetic)
  Cocoa beverage
Meat and beans
Meat and vegetable stew
Meat and spaghetti

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