Food is a major facet of civilization and food in America reflects the many cultures that have met and blended in the Great Melting Pot. Furthermore, food in America is a reflection of the great bounty that is seen as a byword for America. Under the direction of University of California, Davis, Nutrition Department Professor Louis Grivetti, a number of individuals and organizations researched and assembled an exhibit chronicling the use of 10 classic American food groups including: beef, chicken, turkey, pork, potatoes, corn, greens, wheat, beans, and apples. These foods continue to play a major role in American culture.

BEEF Reconstruction and Growth
CHICKEN Cold War and Social Upheaval
TURKEY Birth of a Nation
PORK A Nation Divided
CORN Bountiful Gifts
GREENS Bicentennial to Tercentennial
WHEAT Best of Times -- Worst of Times
BEANS Westward Ho
APPLES California Here We Come

We invite you to enter, linger, and feast.....

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