British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832: Background and Goals

The goal of this project is the design and development of highly accurate and reliable electronic editions of works published by British women poets between 1789 and 1832. The texts will be tagged using Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) and encoded using the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines, with the TEILite DTD.

In January of 1997, librarians at the Shields Library began a pilot with the library's Kohler Collection, to see whether it was feasible to convert these texts to electronic formats, thus making them accessible to students and scholars over the internet. Projects at Indiana and Brown pointed to the usefulness of such E-Texts, particularly when encoded with attention to structure and accurate transcription.

Our own UC, Davis academic community reaffirmed our belief that such a collection would be useful. There is significant interest here on the Davis campus in British women writers. Monica Kearney, Jane King, Kari Lokke, and Adriana Craciun, students and faculty at Davis, all presented papers based on Kohler Collection research at the Sixth Annual Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers Conference, held on the Davis Campus in March 1997. Their work and interest in the Kohler, are, we believe, indicative of a larger group of scholars who would benefit by greater access to poetic texts by British women poets.

While the Victorian Women Writers Project at Indiana and the Brown Women Writers' Project have generated interest in the academic community, as yet there has been no systematic attempt to gather a specialized collection of E-texts by British women poets of the Romantic period. This project endeavors to meet that goal.

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