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The Eastman Project: Images of California Life
This is a project of the Library's Special Collections Department, designed to provide digital access to the 12,500 images in the Eastman's Originals Collection, a series of photographic negatives depicting California life, created by Jervie Henry Eastman and Mirl Simmons of Eastman Studios, Susanville, California. This collection may be searched using the UC Davis Harvest Catalog.


Mrs. Pilkington The British Women Romantic Poets Project
The goal of this Digital Initiatives Program project is the design and development of highly accurate and reliable electronic editions of works published by British women poets between 1789 and 1832. Texts are drawn from the UCD Library's Kohler Collection of British Poetry, over 14,000 texts housed in the Special Collections Department and on microfilm.

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The Kyung Won Lee Papers relating to the Chol
Soo Lee case.

K. W. (Kyung Won) Lee worked 40 years as an investigative reporter for several mainstream newspapers, most notably, the Sacramento Union. He founded and edited Koreatown, the first national English language Korean American newspaper (1979-82) and edited The Korea Times English Edition based in Los Angeles (1990-92). In 1978, K.W. Lee galvanized the Asian American community with his investigative series on the Chol Soo Lee case in the Sacramento Union. The Lee papers are part of the Special Collections Department.

K.W. Lee with Chol Soo Lee

Seed Catalog cover illustration Peter Henderson Co, 1900 America the Bountiful
Food is a major facet of civilization and food in America reflects the many cultures that have met and blended in the Great Melting Pot. Furthermore, food in America is a reflection of the great bounty that is seen as a byword for America. Under the direction of University of California, Davis, Nutrition Department Professor Louis Grivetti, a number of individuals and organizations researched and assembled an exhibit chronicling the use of 10 classic American food groups including: beef, chicken, turkey, pork, potatoes, corn, greens, wheat, beans, and apples. These foods continue to play a major role in American culture.

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