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four squares About the UCD General Library Digital Initiatives Program

The UCD General Library Digital Initiatives Program will provide students, faculty and staff of UCD access to an ever-widening range of non-commercial digital library resources and services, including full-text repositories, image collections, online databases, faculty research, and multimedia digital resources. The program will also ensure that UCD created digital content is preserved for the future and that UCD is a full "collaborator" with faculty, other campus libraries and CDL in the creation of a larger University of California Digital Library. These collaborations capitalize on the institutional capabilities of the UC Davis General Library, the larger UC Library System, and the California Digital Library, and will ensure that library resources are devoted to projects and infrastructure that support mission of the UCD General Library.

  • To increase the number and range of locally created digital resources available for faculty and students for research and pedagogical purposes.
  • To build digital library collections that are sustainable, scaleable and compatible with the UCD and CDL's technology infrastructure, and interoperable with national and international digital library collections and initiatives.
  • To promote and support the creation and use of digital content by academic librarians, researchers, students and faculty at UCD.
  • To collaborate with the California Digital Library and other research libraries in the development of digital library collections, technical infrastructure, and basic user access mechanisms.
  • To identify, evaluate, and pursue funding for library digital collections projects.

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